What is in a Name?


A lot! We often have people ask us about the origin of our company and “How do you pronounce that?” Chi-Mar (pronouced Kai-mar) is the melding of two names: Chip (Chi) and Marty (Mar) Williams. Chip, Marty’s older brother, was a huge support system for Marty and he urged him to go in to the homebuilding business. The Chi-Mar name is a constant reminder of Chip, and the positive energy he embodied.


The Chi-Mar team is more than just a team- we are a family! We each play a vital role in your home building project to make sure the service you receive is top notch! We love our lives as locals of the Destin and 30A area, and it shows!


Chi-Mar Construction

Keys to Success with Chi-Mar


One Stop Service: We can take you from start to finish and everywhere in between. If you have a vacant lot and aren’t sure what to do next, we’ll help you discover the home design you want – with a skilled Architect you can afford. We can take you all the way from the dirt to a fully decorated home. We work closely with all of the best architects, decorators and realtors in the Destin and 30A area. As a Chi-Mar client, you can bypass the search for countless vendors- we’ll have it taken care of for you!


Caring for You: We take the time to learn about what is important to you and what goals you have for your custom home or renovation project. By doing this, we can determine what motivates you and what needs must be met, instead of trying to mold your desires to fit a “canned plan.”


Communication: We keep you informed on the progress of your custom home or renovation project through emails and your own personal Dropbox folder updated with project information and pictures of your home. We welcome your on-site visits anytime!


Up Front Planning & Organization: To ensure that your construction project progresses smoothly, you and your Project Manager will come together to complete a detailed spreadsheet of every item, brand, color, and specification for all of the selection items in your new custom home or renovation project. This sheet stays with you long after the construction is complete so should you ever want to repaint, refinish, or redesign you will have all of these colors and specifications handy.


Value: We can’t promise we will be your lowest bidder and we sure won’t be your highest. What we can promise is that we will deliver a terrific value for the dollars that you spend…and upon completion of your project you will congratulate yourself for getting a quality built home, at a fair cost, and great value.


Our Customers Say


The Chi Mar team will help guide you through
building your custom home from start to finish.