75 Lifeguard Loop: A Custom Chi-Mar Construction Home

75 Lifeguard Loop: A Custom Chi-Mar Construction Home

Welcome home to 75 Lifeguard Loop, a custom Chi-Mar Construction home in beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida! Featuring unique lighting, space savvy kitchen, open floor plan, and overall stunning designs, take a peek inside of this luxurious home!

The entryway opens up into a combined kitchen/living space. We chose to use two unique light fixtures that compliment one another in neutral colored finishes. The bedrooms are separated from this space and are located upstairs, allowing guests to freely roam the first floor while the owners have privacy above. Rough hewn custom wood flooring pair nicely with the modern finishes, giving 75 Lifeguard Loop a unique style.

In the kitchen area, the owners chose to have custom, white washed wood paneling instead of the more traditional tile work. But, they did not want this wall {complete with an exposed, antique beam} to be hidden by cabinets. Instead, Chi-Mar Construction created a large island with an abundance of storage, as well as a stack of cabinetry surround the refrigerator. By using white marble, wood, and cabinetry, the stainless steel hood and stove top stick out, giving this kitchen a more industrial, yet beautiful, look.

The living space, directly across from the kitchen, is set against a stark white wall, allowing the furniture to be the focal point of the room. Large, custom windows frame the exterior wall, allowing in ample amounts of natural lighting that reflect wonderfully off of the white finishes. And, when turned on, the chandelier hanging above the dining table casts a beautiful shadow on the ceiling, framing the dining space in intricate detail.

The upstairs is lined by a long, rectangular hallway, lined in white wood paneling. The overhead lighting matches the downstairs lights above the kitchen island, illuminating a matching theme throughout. A custom-made barn door, painted a Robin’s Egg Blue, hangs at the end of the hallway, doubling as a focal piece with functionality.

Like the rest of the home, the master bedroom has a white wood paneled accent wall, with two wide windows framing the bed. A private balcony is adjacent the the master bedroom, allowing the owners to bring in a fresh breeze while they lounge outdoors.

Separating the master from the guest bedroom is a built-in office, but instead of using a door and confining the space, Chi-Mar Construction used a low half wall to push this space out of the hallway, forming a nook. Bookshelves and cabinets line one wall, while a built in desk faces the opposite wall. Modern metal shelving above keeps this space organized in style.

A large guest bedroom enabled the owners to put in two beds, without feeling cramped or crowded. Instead of dual side tables, Chi-Mar Construction opted for built in light fixtures that brighten each bed. And, the custom wood flooring can be seen throughout, as attention to detail is our top priority. So, after taking a look around 75 Lifeguard Loop, are you ready to give us a call yet?

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