Our “Grown Up” Take The Kids’ Rooms

Our “Grown Up” Take The Kids’ Rooms

Every parent dreads the messy, unorganized kids’ rooms, which is why Chi-Mar Construction is here to help! We work closely with each family to design a space that is kid {and adult} friendly. From bunk beds to play areas, Chi-Mar Construction can show you how to upgrade your child’s room, without losing the fun.

Built-in bunks elevate any kids’ room! We used shiplap on the walls, and inside the bunks, to give the room a consistent, nautical look. And, instead of using a ladder, kids can access the top two bunks via a small staircase, so you don’t have to worry about them climbing up and down!

If you’re not interested in having Chi-Mar Construction add built-in bunks, we suggest using a Queen-sized bunk bed, which gives your child more room to spread out. When you upgrade the size, you’re also enabling the room to be used for potential {adult} guests as well.

Don’t have a lot of room for the kids? Not a problem! We converted this small space to be a galley-style bunk room. And, with built-in cubbies, each child can store their favorite belongings! Along with cubbies, we also provided a small TV for each bunk, and a reading lamp, so they won’t disturb their neighbors in the next bunk.

Now THIS is the ideal space for a slumber party! Built-in shelving allows you to keep your child’s toys organized, and with an impressive six beds, this room is ideal for friends and cousins to relax.

If you’re ready to elevate your child’s room, Chi-Mar Construction is ready to renovate. To get started, please call (850) 837-8016.

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