Cooking Up A New Look

Cooking Up A New Look


The kitchen, as a central part of the home, has become a symbol for family. Whether creating an incredible meal or searching the fridge for a midnight snack, the kitchen is a place where families come together and enjoy the comforts of home. Chi-Mar Construction values family, and we see our custom made kitchens as a way for families to strengthen bonds in their own home! Each kitchen that Chi-Mar Construction designs is unique to each clients specifications. Whether it’s custom backsplash or a unique lighting fixture, these homes have a way of keeping people in the kitchen! 13-madaket-way

Chi-Mar Construction designed this home, 19 Madaket Way, with an emphasis on family living space. The wood floors bring a natural warmth to the kitchen, and contrast nicely with the light colored granite and backsplash. Stainless steel appliances and a pasta arm make this kitchen perfect for a chef or cooking  a family meal together.


At 13 Madaket Way, the kitchen seamlessly transitions into the living and dining rooms. This makes the kitchen accessible for the whole family to entertain together through an open floor plan. Chi-Mar Construction enjoyed creating a multi level island so that people can sit and relax at the bar while food is being prepared. It also allows children to be a part of the kitchen, but separate from the stove and cooking supplies. The unique custom lighting gives the space a hint of an industrial feel and mirrors the stainless steel range hood above the stove. The family also chose to add a pop of color in the kitchen with blue bar stools. The rest of the living space also features different shades of blue, which illustrates the ability for this home to combine natural elements and modern finishes with a beach-like feel.


This kitchen at 25 Cobia Run features traditional, classic design elements. The natural wood floors match the large granite island, and these contrast wonderfully with the cream cabinets and pearl backsplash. Chi-Mar Construction utilized the kitchen space to create an abundance of storage by designing cabinets that surround the area. With open shelving in only a small section, the kitchen remains clean and organized, while allowing statement pieces to be featured.


Chi-Mar Construction designed the kitchen and dining area to match in a similar style, but with modern touches. The wraparound dining bench optimizes seating and also offers an interesting alternative to typical seating. The bar and dining chairs match with minimal differences. With a woven back, these chairs add a touch of the beach to the traditional, modern style that is seen throughout the home.


44 Wild Dunes adds elements of both kitchens and creates a family friendly kitchen, which is also perfect for entertaining! The character grade oak flooring, honed Carrera marble countertops, and custom designed cabinets with special features showcase how this luxurious kitchen by Chi-Mar Construction can be uniquely tailored to each clients needs. The glass mini fridge allows for mass quantities of beverages or food items to be stored away from the everyday uses of the large stainless steel fridge. And, with an organized wine cabinet above, this home has everything you need to throw an amazing party with friends!


Like the previous kitchens, 44 Wild Dunes kitchen flows into the rest of the living area. The natural wood features mixed with modern appliances and lighting fixtures enable this kitchen to showcase the best of both styles. At Chi-Mar Construction, we focus on how to help you design the perfect kitchen to fit your needs!