Grateful Hearts + Full Bellies

Grateful Hearts + Full Bellies

Thanksgiving season is upon us, which means it’s time to prep the kitchen for plenty of cooking and set the dining table for guests! Take a tour of some of Chi-Mar Construction‘s favorite custom kitchens and spacious dining rooms, and get some inspiration for your home this holiday!

27 Compass Rose

This custom Chi-Mar Construction home features a beautiful kitchen. With plenty of cabinet space, a large range {complete with pasta arm}, and marble countertops, there’s plenty of room to prep for your holiday feast.

Just steps away from the kitchen is an intimate dining room. Featuring extensive views of the back patio, this space allows guests and cooks alike to converse while still prepping the ideal Thanksgiving dinner.

128 Bullard Road

Pull up a barstool and watch the chef at work in this spacious kitchen! A large island means plenty of prep room, and the gas stove keeps the dishes simmering until they’re ready to be plated.

If you have a large family, an open concept dining room is perfect. Guests can gather round the table, and once that is full, they can spill over into the living room!

95 Chivas Lane

Situated right off of the intimate sitting room, this kitchen utilizes the open floor plan so that everyone can be together, all the time. Whether you’re watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or putting the finishing touches on the turkey, come together as a family at 95 Chivas Lane.

And, your Thanksgiving feast doesn’t have to take place around a dining room table. At this home, the Gulf views beckon everyone to dine outside. So pull up a chair, grab a plate, and enjoy Thanksgiving! If these kitchens and dining rooms inspire you to renovate your home, let Chi-Mar Construction help! Give us a call at (850) 837-8016 to set up your consultation today!


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